Fake fish. Who knew?

Switching to a plant-based diet got about a million times easier when I discovered Happy Herbivore. I’ve learned so much from Lindsay Nixon’s website about how easy vegan cooking can be, and I’ve already made a bunch of her recipes several times. Especially the Apple Crisp Muffins:

Apple Crisp Muffins by Happy Herbivore Lindsay Nixon

They should really make 13-hole baker's dozen pans.

I’m already on my fourth batch in two weeks. And I even doubled the last two batches, so I could have one big, sweet, yummy bundle for breakfast each morning. They’re moist without being mushy, and sweet without being too sugary. Pure love!

But the biggest surprise so far has been her Mock Tuna Salad. This is seriously amazing stuff! I swear, my omnivore friends were jealous when I shared some with them, and now they think I should bottle it for sale. Or just so they can always have some.

Mock Tuna Salad by Happy Herbivore Lindsay Nixon

The only change I made to this one was to add some diced carrot. Remember that discarded veggie tray? Yeah, there was lots left for this recipe as well. That, and I’d already mixed the diced celery and carrots, and didn’t really feel like picking them apart. I would have shown it to you as I had it on a pita with pickles and sunflower sprouts, or in a wrap, but I just ate them too fast for the camera!

Oh yeah, and I’ve decided to shoot my “experiments” in different parts of my house with random props, like those old Weight Watchers recipe cards. Did people seriously eat that stuff in the ’70s? Was there really nothing else? So sad. And hilarious.

Thank you, Lindsay, for making the herbie life easier and super delicious. I can’t wait until her new cookbook arrives, but in the meantime, pop on over to her recipe page, check out her 1200-calorie meal plans, and find out what she’s brewing on her blog!


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  2. lindsay / happy herbivore
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 06:59:11

    What pretty flowers ! glad you enjoyed the recipes!


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